Most of videos refer to some jobs or part of them listed in my Curriculum Vitae. Few of them were filmed with an old technology (i.e super 8). Therefore their quality is very poor due to a double conversion.

Index of available items
  • VC01 Pressure pipes : full production process for PCCP (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes) Lined type, manufactured according to EN 642 and/or AWWA C301, in Portugal (Transaqua – Aljustrel)  PCCP pipes
  • VC02 Pressure pipes : pipe tilting machine in Spain (STF – Madrid)  pipe tilting
  • VC03 Low head concrete pipes : DN 2500 mm full production process (Packer head) for reinforced concrete pipes in Italy (Turbotubi – Cavaglià)  DN 2500 production
  • VC04 Low head concrete pipes : full production process (Vibration system) for reinforced/non-reinforced concrete pipes in Morocco (Sonacob – Agadir)  vibrated pipes production
  • VC05 Low head concrete pipes : crushing test (T.E.B. test) for reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipes in Morocco (Sonacob – Agadir)  TEB test
  • VC06 Low head concrete pipes : peculiar but practical crushing test for non-reinforced concrete pipes in Norway  crushing test
  • VC07 Low head concrete pipes : truck loading operation with reinforced concrete pipes in Italy (Turbotubi – Cavaglià)  truck loading
  • VC08 Reinforced concrete prefab flumes : tilting operation after curing and storage facility in Italy (Turbotubi – Cavaglià)  flume tilting
  • VC09 Concrete poles : full production process for spun prestressed poles in Jordan (J.E.A. – Amman)  JEA
  • VC10 Prefab prestressed concrete joists : crushing test for prefab prestressed concrete joist in Morocco (Sonacob – Agadir)  joist test
  • VC11 AWWA concrete pressure pipes review – ACPPA 2014  acppa