See below for a brief description of my offerings SOFTWARE My offerings are all made available under the terms of the “GNU General Public Licence” developed by the Free Software Foundation. A copy of this licence has to be deemed



See below for a list and brief description of my offerings. These are all made available on the understanding that some of them are probably a bit obsolete and not updated to the ruling codes/Standards. The language of the item


Useful Links

There are many websites out there offering free spreadsheets or other software/doc for structural engineers. I am aiming to list some of them here. Note, however, that the inclusion of a site in this list should NOT be construed as

An exciting job and an interesting life all around the world : ready to share my experience.


Curriculum Vitae

ROBERTO PISANI Why I created this WEB site My professional carrier has spanned approx forty years. Throughout this time I have been a beneficiary of work done by others. The work that these “others” have done has provided me, without

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