Why I created this WEB site

My professional carrier has spanned approx forty years. Throughout this time I have been a beneficiary of work done by others. The work that these “others” have done has provided me, without any reward or compensation, with guidelines, algorithms, design charts, software, papers, technical literature, books, design manuals, etc and I became increasingly aware of their contribution to the engineering profession, and increasingly grateful for it.
This WEB site contains most of the tools and papers I collected and I have produced over the years, and I am making these freely available, without any restriction, in the hope that other engineers might find them useful.

CV & extra
  • CV01-detailed Curriculum Vitae  CV
  • CV02-Italy Milan : production of reinforced concrete pipes (jacking type) for the construction of an underground railway station (cellular arch)  Milan underground
  • CV03-Cuba Las Villas,Holguin,Camaguey : production factories for spun prestressed concrete pressure pipes and reinforced concrete low head pipes  Cuba factories
  • CV04-Jordan Amman : production factory for spun prestressed concrete poles for street lighting and power distribution  JEA Amman
  • CV05-U.S.A. Somerville (NJ) : production factory for spigot and socket steel rings for PCCP pipes  according to AWWA C301-L and AWWA C301-E  Joint steel rings
  • CV06-Mozambique Maputo : production factory for spun concrete prestressed pipes (pressure pipes for aqueducts)  Mozambique pressure pipes
  • CV07-Portugal Aljustrel : production factory for PCCP-L pipes according to EN 642  Transaqua Portugal
  • CV08-Italy Trieste : production plant for giant spun reinforced concrete piles for the 7th pier of the commercial port  Trieste giant piles
  • CV09-Venezuela Matanzas : production factory for refractory bricks and specialties  AP Green de Venezuela
  • CV10-Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia (Patagonia) : production factory for PCCP-L pipes according to AWWA C301  dragados