All photos refer to the jobs listed in my Curriculum Vitae (unless otherwise marked)

Index of available items
  • PH01 Boat loading (20.0 MB)  boat loading
  • PH02 Milan cellular arch (3.1 MB)  cellular arch
  • PH03 Cuba pressure pipes (3.4 MB)  Cuba pressure
  • PH04 Cuba sewage pipes (2.4 MB)  Cuba sewage
  • PH05 Jordan spun poles (9.3 MB)  JEA poles
  • PH06 factory laboratory (12.3 MB)  lab
  • PH07 Lock Joint USA pressure pipes (6.9 MB)  Lock Joint
  • PH08 Mozambique spun pressure pipes (5.9 MB)  Mozambique
  • PH09 pressure pipes laying (1.9)  pipe laying
  • PH10 piles for the port of Trieste (4.0 MB)  Trieste
  • PH11 box culvert  boxSFR
  • PH12 prefab flumes  flumes
  • PH13 Bilbao consorcio de aguas  Bilbao
  • PH14 Tuberias de hormigòn de gran diametro – España  tuberias
  • PH15 Penstocks for sewer  phsewer
  • PH16 Penstocks for pressure pipes  phpressure
  • PH17 Pressure pipes storage, ready for delivery  storage
  • PH18 Concrete pipes handling facilities  handling